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Aluminium finishing processes

VOLPATO’s corporate machines can be designed to guarantee efficient aluminium finishing work. In addition to the standard machines in the company’s catalogue, through an expert team, you can choose a customized design service, allowing you to obtain excellent results and an extremely high quality finished product.


What processes can be achieved?

With the help of VOLPATO machinery you can carry out different types of aluminium processing. Through the use of the models designed and produced by the company, in fact, you will be able to efficiently shape the raw material used in your production line, with the following finishing processes:


The finishing process to polish the aluminium surface

Satin finishing

The finish for homogenizing the roughness of aluminium


The finish for obtaining a mirror surface on aluminium


The finish to remove oxidation from aluminium


The process of uniforming aluminium surfaces


The processing of aluminium producing a determined roughness of the surface