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Processes for finishing metals

Among the different machines at VOLPATO, are those for performing metal finishing. In fact, the company, is able to design and manufacture machines that meet the different needs of customers who use this type of material, giving them the opportunity to create and offer products that are unique and of the highest quality.


What finishes can be performed?

As there is a wide range of standard machinery, as well as the design and manufacturing of custom machines, the company will give you the opportunity to carry out a large number of metal working processes. By entrusting VOLPATO, you will be able to offer your customers different types of products, via the use of the following finishes:


The finishing process for polishing metals


The finish for uniforming the roughness of metals


The process of precision finishing on metal surfaces


The finish for the elimination of opacification marks from metal


The finish for obtaining a decisive roughness on the metal


The process of uniforming the surface roughness of metal