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The process of precision finishing on metal surfaces

Metal lapping is a precision finishing process for surfaces, performed with brushes that make the most of the action of a sprinkled abrasive powder onto a  metal support, often in a similar shape to that of the object to be lapped.

What improvements will it bring?

Performed in many different sectors where these materials are used, both for functional and aesthetic purposes, metal lapping is carried out to reduce to a minimum the surface roughness, via a “mirror” finish. This process must be carried out with maximum precision by the machinery, so as to obtain a uniform mirror finish, without damaging the surface of the raw material.


What type of lapping machines does VOLPATO design?

Inside the VOLPATO catalogue you will find standard finishing machines that can carry out this type of process. However, if none of them are able to satisfy your needs, the company will be able to design a customized lapping machine. The task of developing this is entrusted to a team of experts who, with passion and professionalism, will be able to offer a tailor-made solution, perfectly suited to your production line. Another strong point of this design service is the opportunity to test out the performance of the machine, with materials normally used within your company.