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Processing of other materials

Finishing processes for special materials

In addition to those for plastic, metal, aluminium and wood, VOLPATO can design machinery for finishing other materials, always guaranteeing extremely high production standards, due to their use of innovative technology and the professionalism of their staff.


What materials can be processed?

The VOLPATO team has been working in the sector for several years and understands the different production needs of those who carry out this type of work. It is precisely for this reason that different machines can be produced, both standard and customized versions, which makes it possible to perform a wide range of finishes for special materials. More specifically, by choosing this company, you will be able to:

Brass processing

Finishing processes for the oxidizable alloy of copper and zinc

Bronze processing

Finishes for the copper and tin alloy

Corian processing

Finishes for acrylic stone

Rubber processing

Finishing processes for rubber

Leather processing

Leather finishing operations

Processing of precious materials

The finishing process for gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals

Plexiglass processing

The finishing process for poly (methyl methacrylate)