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Plastic finishing work

Among the VOLPATO machines, you can find those relating to plastic finishing processes. In fact, the company is responsible for designing and manufacturing machines to perform different processes on this material, that are able to meet the various customer requirements and provide them with the opportunity to create a finished product of the highest quality.

What finishes can be performed?

With a wide array of standard machines and the production of customized ones, designed according to different customer requests, the company will give you the opportunity to perform a large number of plastic processes. By choosing VOLPATO, you will be able to offer your customers various types of products, through the use of the following types of finishes:


The process for moulding plastic


The process for shaping plastic


Plastic surface finishing


The finish for polishing plastic surfaces


The finish for modifying the roughness of plastic


Processing to increase the roughness of plastic

Edge finishing

The process of optimizing plastic profiles