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The superfinishing edge process

Wood polishing is a superfinishing process which is often associated with large-scale production machinery for the High Gloss finish of panel surfaces. It is most often used in the furniture industry, particularly in kitchen manufacturing and other types of furniture that may require it.

Why perform this process?

Among the various processes, wood polishing is useful for reducing the roughness of lacquered paint to the point of bringing the surface to a mirror-like shine. More specifically, in this process, the roughness is reduced firstly via the use of abrasive belts with very coarse grain, then with the use of a cotton brush with automatic distribution of the abrasive paste and, lastly, with sponge brushes for the final treatment.


Which machines perform this process?

Although in the VOLPATO catalogue there are standard machine models that can perform this process, the true core business of the company lies in the creation of customized wood polishing machinery. The possibility of having a machine made to order will provide the customer with a finished product that reflects their expectations, as well as those of the end customer.